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Discover the Email Channel main Features!

The XCALLY Email Channel allows you to define the Email Accounts that the Agents, belonging to specific Email Queues, will use to send and receive Email messages from/to customers.!

Contact Center Multilevel Dispositions

The Customer and the Agent can exchange email messages (including files, emoticons, pictures and so on), reaping the following benefits:

  • The Customer can use market standard email systems
  • The Agent interaction happens inside the XCALLY common environment
  • The Agent can manage several types of interactions at the same time
  • The interaction content is shared, easily retrieved and managed
  • All the Customers information is stored in the Contacts Manager and in the Customer Journey

All your customer interactions are stored in one place and they can be filtered by tag, status, account, date, agent.
This way you can deliver more efficient customer service!


Main Features.


Route the incoming emails to specified Apps (Queues, Agents, Auto-reply, Close…).


Inform the whole team of the closed interaction outcome choosing the proper label.

Canned answers

Use pre-configured responses to save time


Know in realtime who is actually on a ticket. You can easily contact another Agent through the Internal Messenger chat.

Internal notes

Agents and Supervisors can write messages to share internal info with other agents.


Get the preview of the last message, without opening the interaction.


Group interactions by Tag to simplify work.

Call analytics

Monitor all the activities taking place, and eventually change its configuration, in realtime.

The Email is included in the Omni-Gold and Ultimate XCALLY Plans: 

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